Refund Policy

FREE Plans

BlackLab App (Blacklab) provides its Subscribers a fully FREE version of its IVR service. Subscribers may deactivate their FREE account at any time without providing any notice to Black Lab IVR.

Pre-Paid Plans: Subscriber may subscribe to Services as per the Term and price and pay in advance for the same. The Subscriber may renew the same Service for a new Term prior to expiry of the initial Term, but not exceeding a period after one-month. Upon such renewal for additional Term, Subscriber shall retain DiD from the previous term and service plan.

Currency: The pricing plans presented on the Website are in Indian Rupees (“INR”), are exclusive of applicable taxes and are subject to market and telecom industry standards. Blacklab reserves the right to revise these from time to time when deemed necessary without notice at any point of time.


Subscriber agrees to use electronic or similar modes of payment available to make payment for use of Service, and acknowledges that Blacklab is expressly authorized to collect this electronic payment by Subscriber.

Overdue Payments: Overdue payments will accrue interest at an annual rate equal to three percent (3%) above the RBI Prime Rate as published on the first day of the month in which the payment is due from due date until paid. Blacklab may suspend or refuse Service and terminate this agreement at its own sole discretion if Subscriber default on any of payment obligations.


Blacklab does not provide refunds for subscribed to Services.

Blacklab does not provide refunds for unused Services arising out of Excused Downtime.


Subscribers can contact BlackLab with billing related questions, requests, inquiries, or complaints by email to

Last updated on December 18, 2020

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