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Open BlackLab dashboard on your phone, click on the WhatsApp button against a contact or Caller and send them a message using BlackLab's WhatsApp integration. This feature is available to Voicemail, Essential and Everything Plan users.

Call Back

When BlackLab dashboard is loaded on your phone, you can call back your contact or caller from your own mobile phone using BlackLab's integration. This feature is available to All Users.


This feature is enabled when

Use this feature to hide your personal mobile number from your callers and to present a unified professional caller profile across all agents in the organization.

When you click-to-call:


Listen to voice messages left by your caller. When you have a new message, you will see a count of unread messages. Click on the envelope to see a detailed log of calls with messages.


Add or Edit Contact: If this caller-id-number is associated with a contact in your list, you can proceed to edit the contact. Else, you can add this number to your contact list.

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