Customize your IVR call flow


Call flow is the journey that a caller to your phone will hear when they are presented with the IVR.

The IVR is the face of your business on the phone. While setting messages, be as creative as you want.

Customizable Greeting

Start by setting a Greeting message for your callers.

Customizable Options

Set the prompts for the menu option to be presented and the message when caller selects an option. Then set the Action you want your IVR to take, like transfer the call, send an email, and the Target.

Choice of Actions

  1. Transfer → RoundRobin: Available in Essential and Everything Plans. Connect caller to customer service Agent the help desk extension set under "Target". Set multiple Extn numbers under a single option (requires additional Agent subscription) and BlackLab will round-robin through the sequence once, until one of your agents answers the call. You can also transfer to different Extn for different options (requires additional Agent subscription).
  2. Enter Number / Digits: Ask the caller to enter / input a sequence of digits like order ids, application numbers, reference number, warranty registration numbers, appointment confirmations, etc. for backend processing.
  3. Leave a Message: Available for all plans. Allow the caller to leave a message, in their own voice. Messages can be used to receive feedback, requests for a call back, leaving a food order, or even a simple status update. Message note will be accessible in your call logs.
  4. Receive Email: Available for all plans. When caller select this input, IVR owner will receive an email notification. This is useful when you want to play back frequently asked information like working hours and days, promotional offers, daily specials, etc.
  5. Do Nothing: Set this option, if no further action is required. IVR plays a "thank you" message and hangs up the call. The digit input is presented in your call logs.

Event driven notifications

Visit Notifications for more information.

Predefined prompts






By default, BlackLab provides 2 Options in the Everyone plan, and 3 Options in the Essential and Eveythig plan. These can be increased if you have more service desk agents. However, it is advisable to not have more than 5 Options, as it can be confusing for callers.

BlackLab uses Amazon Alexa to convert text to spoken voice, feel free to write in spoken Hindi by typing in Devnagari script and set the voice to Aditi. Example: "नमस्ते, हमारे abc बिज़नेस में कॉल करने के लिए धन्यवा।. हमारा ऑफिस रोज़ ९ बज्जे से शाम ६ बज्जे तक खुला है."

Typing errors is a strict NO. Be sure to use proper punctuation, as Amazon Alexa will give you caller a better experience.

Always set one of options as Voicemail. This is especially useful when the transfer to your service desk agent fails, and you can give your callers the option to let you know why they have called. Always remember, Callers have called to speak, and they must be given that option.

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