Version 20-09-12

What's New

We have introduced a richer IVR with support for more options, contact manager, better logging, support for API keys, downloadable reports, and account management functions with this release.



  1. Up to 6 configurable IVR menu options
  2. Hunt dialing and round robin dialing on virtual extensions
  3. Email notifications from IVR

Contact Manager

  1. Import contacts from Google
  2. Create new contacts
  3. Add contacts from call logs


  1. All call logs are automatically grouped by caller
  2. Better icons to show unread voicemail, read voicemail, selected option, and outgoing calls
  3. Add new contact from call log

Account Management

  1. Download usage report in CSV format [Account/Reports]
  2. View usage summary [Account/Summary]
  3. Manage API Keys [Account/API Keys]

API Keys

  1. Access API with an API key
  2. Create API key
  3. Manage API keys

Originally posted on Sept. 12, 2020