A Star Is Born

We are only a few weeks into this Pandemic of COVID-19 and already it feels permanent. We have observed the devastating effect it has had on business of all sizes and everywhere in the world. And we see the inevitability of change in work and related practices.

Working from home is inevitable. Freelancing will become a way of life for more people. Old assumptions about work and life and balance will be shattered as a new normal emerges.

More people will communicate more than ever. Business will happen on the phone and video conferencing and chat. We anticipate a renewed surge in the reconnection with friends, colleagues, and business relationships.

We see change and we see the challenges that this change brings with it. SMBs and professional service providers like doctors, lawyers, accountants, salons, software service providers, electricians, and a lot of other people will need new tools to adapt to this new world so that their businesses adapt, grow, and thrive... And that these new tools need to be built to be usable by everyone and be intuitive and be awesome.

And so, our vision and our mission is clear. We are setting out to proudly Make in India. We are building the next generation of communication tools. We want every small, medium, and large business, freelancer, and professional in India and around the world to do more, do more easily, and do it happily.

Originally posted on April 15, 2020